Modern 4 Grid Spice Organizer / Jar Kit – Pack of 3


This Set of 4 Grid Spice Organizer Jar is designed to store Spice, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Sauces & etc.

Product Details:

Professional-grade, 100% BPA-free spice organizer / Jar kit with ergonomically designed, easily accessible compartments with 4 mini spoons for storing, preserving, and using various seasonings and spices. Durable, easy to clean, and dust-proof for a clean, organized kitchen experience. Great for home, dorm, restaurant, and more.


  • 250 ml on Each Side (250×4=1000ml Modern Spice Kit)

  • Size: Length: 13.97 cm x Width: 12.7 cm x Height: 7.3 cm

Package Includes:

Modern 4 Grid Spice Organizer / Jar Kit – 1000 Ml – Pack of 3 (Random Color)